Marijuana prohibition will be ruled unconstitutional in California this month.


On March 25th to be exact. That’s the date Judge Mueller of the Sacramento Division of United States District Court for the Eastern District of California will announce her verdict for United States v. Schweder. The case that will determine the constitutionality of cannabis Schedule I status, which currently puts it in the same category as heroin.

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California Medical Marijuana Patients Seek Over $600,000 in Damages for Warrantless Raids

Patients demand compensation for constitutional rights violations by local law enforcement.


LAKEPORT, CA — Nine medical marijuana patients from Lake County filed tort claims today for a total of $621,000 in monetary damages in a widely-watched ongoing legal struggle between growers and county officials. 

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5 Reasons You Should Never Agree to a Police Search (Even if You Have Nothing to Hide)

Do you know what your rights are when a police officer asks to search you? If you’re like most people I’ve met in my eight years working to educate the public on this topic, then you probably don’t.

It’s a subject that a lot of people think they understand, but too often our perception of police power is distorted by fictional TV dramas, sensational media stories, silly urban myths, and the unfortunate fact that police themselves are legally allowed to lie to us.

It wouldn’t even be such a big deal, I suppose, if our laws all made sense and our public servants always treated us as citizens first and suspects second.
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