Abolishing the Civil Forfeiture Racket

WASHINGTON, DC (May 24, 2011) – Today, two leading organizations have come together to advocate for reforms to states’ asset forfeiture laws—the power of police to seize property on mere suspicion of a crime and, in most states, keep some or all of the proceeds for their own use.

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Georgia has some of the worst civil forfeiture laws in the country. But, in an attempt to at least ensure civil forfeiture is subject to public scrutiny, state law requires local law enforcement agencies to annually itemize and report all property obtained through forfeiture, and what they did with it, to their local governing authorities.

California Prisons Over Capacity

California To Cut Prison Population

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Monday endorsed a court order requiring California to cut its prison population by tens of thousands of inmates to improve health care for those who remain behind bars.

The court said in a 5-4 decision that the reduction is “required by the Constitution” to correct longstanding violations of inmates’ rights. The order mandates a prison population of no more than 110,000 inmates, still far above the system’s designed capacity.

There are more than 142,000 inmates in the state’s 33 adult prisons, meaning roughly 32,000 inmates will need to be transferred to other jurisdictions or released.

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Criminal Defense

San Diego California Criminal Defense Attorney Michael McCabe

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NYPD Police Officer Admits to arrest quotas

Are NY cops really this nasty? What about LA or San Diego Cops?

I sure hope this type of abuse does not happen in Southern California. This type of action is from the top down.

Well if you are arrest for a crime whether you are guilty or not you need competent legal representation. Call me today.